22 August 2010

Burnout I

Burnout II

We sneaked in an abandoned TV production factory couple weeks ago. The little adventure was actually quite fun. Lots of random objects that I like...

I start feeling the "helplessness" of designers in Hong Kong, or maybe it is a global thing... Everytime when I look at real nice designs from zines & websites, I ask myself "why can't I do something like that?" Sometimes I just feel my little design pride is burnning out slowly...I am getting commercialised and becoming a design machine. That is what I really hate to be...

I really need to do something else to balance out...something doesn't involve computer definitly!

15 May 2010

the harmony and conflicts

The suburb I live is an interesting place. It is quite country where
you can see ponds, fields and lots of birdies, but at the same time you can also see abandoned cargo containers or machine parts nearby. It's a place of natures and pollutions while these two things somehow fit quite well together. I have always wanted to explore the surrounding and finally I did. Even though it was just a little tryout,
I was so inspired!

25 April 2010

Pantone 186

A quick trip to Melbourne last week made me realised that memories maybe are hard to lose completly, but they can fade out in a short period of time. I barely remember how does nice coffee taste; how does driving feel with sky window wide opened; how enjoyable it is to do paper crafts; how good it is to have friends around. Time is powerful, so does the commercial world.

I really like my work place and all the lovely workmates. However,
I realised that I will be pathetic if I just let myself fall into this commercial world and do nothing. I need to find my way out, do something without thinking, no business involved, and turely just
for me!

I always have a thing to red; not necessarily wearing red but using red and collecting red objects. This is a snap of the station which
I get off to work every morning. I guess this is a good reminder of going to the commercial world and not forgetting who I am ;)

29 March 2010

The blog has been left behind for quite a while because of the recent photos crisis. Luckily, I found this shot which was taken last year while travelling Hong Kong with my friend. Who would ever know that I work nearby this place a year later. A mirror bounds light back; and the photo of mirror bounds me back to this place .

22 February 2010

sluggish days

Hornless Fight

A fight without weapons. You can read it as a harmless, honour and respectful contest if the fighters decide not to have weapons themselves. On the other hand, if they are forced to, then it will be an other different reading. The fight becomes a resolute, confornting and indomitable battle. (just a little random thought... ) I am getting drunk with this lazy holiday atmosphere. It's time to tidy up myself and get ready to fight!

07 February 2010


I like simple things.
I like to find them, look at them and collect them.
But making things simple is not a simple task.
The idea of simple is easy to find but difficult to create.

21 January 2010

hike seriously

we are so close!
I never know I can feel so close to the sky when I get to the top.
I felt it was even closer than when I was in a plane.
Maybe it is not about distance but space!

08 January 2010

case closed

I finally got the boxes done...yay! I was working on this gift box packaging for Chinese New Year and there were issues of people, communications, box structures...which made me alter or actually redo the boxes again and again. It did drive me crazy a little bit especially when they killed my lovely 'tiger' box. Well, that is not uni assignment anymore, it is reality. Hopefully the boxes can go straight to printer and print out finely. No more changes please!

Back to the photo here, I was back to my home town, Fujian, to visit my grandmother and attend a wedding few weeks ago. When I was shooting the house, like a happy tourist, my aunt showed me this beautiful wardrobe from my great grandmother.

01 January 2010



A very overwhelmed year ended with lots of overwhelmed banquets...Well, actually there are more to go. Hmm...I really need some time to sink and to think, what I have done and what I am going to do. Hope you can find yours!