27 May 2009

I've got my artist book done!



excess is excess,
difficult is difficult,
ping is ping ping

a quick close-up from the printings above,
and I found something interesting...

21 May 2009

I finally got Origami Design Secrets by Robert Lang after waiting for a month. The person who had this book before me must be having a good time (or a hard time) of doing the origami. This hummingbird is definitely the hardest origami I have ever made. I can't imagine how hard the creation was... Robert Lang is a crazy physicist and origami genius.

11 May 2009


I was doing some strips printings for my artist book assignment and they turned out fine. After finishing the printing, Micheal told me to print couple more times with scrap papers to use up the ink so it would be easier for cleaning. This is what I came out with. I think I like this most...

10 May 2009


It's getting cold and getting red, that's why falls is always the season I like best. I was again doing something werid on the street. I don't know why I felt like lining up the leaves suddenly, so I just did it.
I could tell many cars slowed down when they passed by me, one of them even drove around me... Sorry neighbours, I am a little bit stubborn sometimes.

02 May 2009


Low quality printing and dust are not generally welcomed. But when they merge in this shot, they give it an aged look. It was taken on the Christmas day, 2008, which is less than 6 months ago. Sometimes bad things are not necessarily bad.