29 November 2008

Black & White IV

Before Frozen @ Flinders Stree Station

I feel I am a bit tricky to post one photo per post, even they are from the same roll of film. Each photo is so individual by itself
and doesn't relly go with others. That's the better way to present them...
getting picky.

By the way, I think this photo sells the boots very well, it has the potential to be an ad image. And also it reminds me Darren's phrase, '...graphic design people leave space for text in their photos...'
very true.

27 November 2008

[Black & White] III

I'm not that fragile

I haven't shot with black and white films for ages... most of them were shot under very bad conditions (super dark, super windy and super heavy rain etc...) I am so pleased that most of the photos turned up okay. Eventhough they are not sharp, some of them are pretty blurry and grainy, but I reckon these 'natural special effects' do make the pictures more interesting.

25 November 2008

[Black & White] II

Storm @ Wangaratta

Things happened.
It's hard, but I still need to move on.

23 November 2008

[Black & White]

frozen @ flinder street station

I have been wishing time could be frozen recently.
I need a quiet moment to think...

EOY 2008

I was on duty for the exhibition yesterday and the weather was real bad... [Positive thinking: there would be less visitors which would be easier for shooting] Suprisingly, alot people came! And most of them were not only flipping the books but also actually read the books. I recived quite alot positive feedback :) btw, I was awarded for the strength & development of my design ability.Yay.

The task for myself from last week is to take proper photos for the exhibition. I found that the exhibition space is hard to shoot. The spot lights and the ceiling were the things that annoyed me the most, and also I rarely shoot space. Maybe my skill is getting rusty as well... so lots of the photos didn't turn out good... anyway here they are.

getting personal...

please come, have a seat and read...

16 November 2008

this book belongs to me

Monash Art & Design Degree Show 2008

Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) Graduation Exhibition

these books belong to...

15—28 November

Monday—Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

Art & Design Building (G)
Caulfield Campus
Monash University

Yay, we made it!
This is our lovely graduation exhibition. As a graphic design student, the most we made in the past 3 years are books. WE MAKE BOOKS. This is where the theme of the exhibtion came from. The show is presented as a reading room which exhibits the books we made for this exhibition.
We finished the set up on Thursday afternoon, I was so excited to show everyone our exhibition. However, I only had my compact digital camera in my hand and the room was quite dim... Sorry, for the poor quality photos...
I think my task for next week is to take proper picture of the show, so that I can show my parents and friends who cannot come to the show. I need a proper camera!!!!!! I am saving money for 5D at the moment... [working hard]
Exhibition Lamps
I made 6 lamps [screwed up one >_<] last week for the show.... It's a great fun to do paper folding, but not so fun to do 6 at once and all of them are half meter tall. Anyway, they look great now. Thanks to the person who invites the folding, you are amazing.

Decorative Books
Decorative Books are purely for decoration. Each book is folded from a piece of paper.They can be displayed in concertina forms, or cylinder forms by slotting the end to the beginning page.
The idea of decorative book is inspired by my random thought. I find some people buy encyclopedias, literatures and heavy text books to fill up and decorate the book shelves. They don't really read these books. So I decided to create a book which is purly for decoration.

04 November 2008

doing nothing is not fun

I have been waiting this moment for so long,
but it is not as good as what I imagined...
It's good to take a break and relax at some points,
but I think I still prefer doing works.
Since when I became a workaholic?

Finally, I took photo at this mysterious laundry place which is near the station. Don't know why I keep thinking a high fashion photo shoot at this place. Let's arrange it someday.

Found object at Armadale station platform 3

I prefer working... and other paper thing. This is a paper lamp shade I made for the exhibition.