27 September 2008

this is life...

[last week] sorry... I missed a week. I had 2 weddings on last Saturday and Sunday. Why so many people get marry recently? It's the most exhausted weeknd I have ever had. 12 hours a day, full on working. I was physically broken...

[today] A random snap from neighbour's wall while I was doing my light reflection practice with sabi. Aim to be the Master of Reflection!!!

still struggling with the book...when am I going to get it right?

15 September 2008

Moon Festival

Happi Moon Festival

13 September 2008

something below eye level


The Reserved Seats for DaDaDa Slaves

While the Slaves're out

Random Found Objects

Natural Spot Light

After Blossoming


07 September 2008

it's good to do silly things sometimes...

Well, I kind of feel bad of not doing any snaps this week and just post something I did before. Even though, I am not so sure how many people are actually checking my blog, (maybe none), I still feel like to post something more to reduce my guiltiness. Here are some of snaps I did today while having a walk with 'sunshine' walk
Spring and Flowers

05 September 2008

Ping is...

Ping is...

Ping Squar
has to many blogs(facebook, xanga, deviant art, blogspot...)
pace (peace? I guess)
even scarier when not smile
always says um...
likes to cut stuff
Mrs Davy Jones
fast walker
master of blackmail

Someone was passing these kind of paper around the studio for other people to put down what the person is... and this is my paper. It's interesting to compare the ways people see me and the way I see myself. Some of them are so true, but some of them are not really, e.g. hardworking

This is the mock up for my book project. The idea is using book as a decoration. Some people buy heavy text book or literatures or encyclopedia for fill up and decorate book shelves and they don't really read the books. They just want to show their tastes or coolness. So, why don't I just make a book for decoration. The content for this book is gonna be the photos I took in the past 4 years. Here are some of them...

leave me alone, okay?

full moon?

I think I like photographing trash...

what do you want?

Florence train station