30 January 2009

A Foggy Day

The Foggy Victoria Harbour
It looks dreamy and peaceful.
The very rare adjectives for Hong Kong.
Photographs seems objective and realistic, but are they really do?

26 January 2009

Chinese New Year

Fai Chun

These are the real Fai Chun for Chinese New Year. I was lucky enough to find them in Stanely, because it's quite rare to see hand written Fai Chun nowadays. The four-words blessings in each Fai Chun were written as one compound, and they are still legible and well balanced. Chinese penmanship is AMAZING.

Since a friend of mine stopped by Hong Kong for a few days, I had a chance to be a tourist in Hong Kong. I love to be a tourist. When you are a tourist, you are always curious with everything around you. You have the motivations to observe, to think, to compare and always want to know why, and these are hard to keep up in a familiar environment. I want to be a tourist everyday.

17 January 2009



I finally scanned the photos which were taken months ago...
I really like the form and the RGB colours. The red is from the reflection of the brick wall; the green is from the trees; and the blue is obviously from the sky.

09 January 2009



I went to priting museum yesterday to help out my friends abit. We are aiming to finish a big task before I leave Melbourne. Hopefully, I would be able to post it here before I jump on the flight.
Back to the image, this is a set of letterpress after cleaning. They are so colourful, which actually is not a good thing, but the colours are just so dreamy. In order to make the image blurrier and more pastel-like, I shook the camera when the shutter was opened. After a couple shoots, it worked out! yay

06 January 2009




Normal is easy but sometimes boring. Next time when you see things, maybe step back, close one of your eyes or do something else (just don't make it too easy), you will have surprises.

04 January 2009

Coincident Cracks



Shot at Hanging Rocks.
I enjoy looking at trees.
They are always similar but never the same.

02 January 2009


New Year 09

Fai chun,
a piece of red paper with written greetings, which people usually put on the front doors in Chinese New Year. It's not Chinese New Year yet, but I still felt like to make one. It's a modern fai chun on the door of fridge.

This is the last thing of 2008 and the first thing of 2009 I did.
Paper cut, something I love.

Wish you can do something you love, too.