28 April 2009


the feet

Sorry, I have been slack. I was being toured by the essay last week, my brain was fully occupied by miniature & gigantic, even now, they still stuck in my head. So, I didn't do much paper work apart from drafting essay on papers. I went to Chinese Museum on the weekend, where I had never been to before. It was actually better than what I expacted. I was assuming there would be big vases, some chinese painting, some Chines penmanships or other kitsches. In fact, there are mainly commodities from the old days, old photos, publications, shoes, toys, something little but meaningful, something intimate...
I have no intension to make this shot look creepy. I just found the reflections of my feet look interesting there. It was the lighting problem, the dolls looked fine, they are very delicate, especially the embroidery.

17 April 2009

a little reminder

Your can read it if you use...

This is a poster I printed last week at the Melbourne Museum of Printing. My friends and I were cleaning and tidying up the wooden types and we picked up some which got mixed up. I wanted to
make a poster for a poster friend who used to work at the museum
so, I started playing around with the homeless wooden types, and here it is. You just need to make it up if you don't have it. :p
Melbourne Museum of Printing

Before the Nightmare Comes

Always watch out the back

A day trip to the Great Ocean Road. 8 hours driving in a day, I felt lucky that I was not the one driving... I've got lots of nice landscape shots. They are nice probably just because the views are great, nothing to do with me. Besides, I found this shot up here is more interesting to look at (maybe just me). I like to play with light, reflections and angles, and they are all here.

09 April 2009

Give me a break!


This is a shot from Sydney. Yep! I went to Sydney two weeks ago right after the graduation ceremony with my parents and sisters. Both the ceremony and the trip are good, except it's abit rush, but that's how thing should work when dad is around. I didn't have time to go throught the photos until now.
This is one of my favourite from the bunch. The sunset and the magic of 5D mark II and the wide angle 17-40 mm . . . This shot just looks so relaxing. It seems like I finally have a short break, eventhough I have an essay to catch up during the break.
Happi Easter people!

03 April 2009

I am drained.


I was so not sure what to do with my poster that I start doing other things, such as transfering photos from my camera to the laptop. When I was flipping through the photos, I was stopped by this shot.
I was staring at it for at least 20 seconds or even more. It looks like an ore!! It is just beautiful and stunning! (Let me know if you think this is too sick...) I bet no one can tell what kind of material it is.

Well, the task from last week was paper making.
So, it is a paper.

Paper is ordinary but also full of surprises.