30 September 2009

need some colours here

Finally, here is something about my honours project. I am making
a game to conclude this project and these are the posters or part of
the exhibition catalogues that will be given out on the opening.
150 copies ONLY ( because they are hand-folded by me :p )
So, be there early if you want one.

I have alot more foldings and drawings to do....
The mid-sem break is never at mid semester and it is never a break!

26 September 2009

My Schedule

I will be screaming through September,
October and a bit of November because of
works, the honours exhibition, presentation,
exegesis and the fabulous business plan.

Then, I am going to pick up my film camera
to do more snaps. There is also something
in my mind that I want to do. (surprisingly,
this time I have a plan for photos, can't wait!)

After that, I am going to have some gatherings
with my family and friends! See you soon.

12 September 2009

a busy week


I finally made it to here!
This is the laundry place where I always want to photograph.
[see previous post]
The interior and lighting there somehow remind me the movie Chungking Express, by Wong Kar Wai, although there isn't any scene about laundry. They have similar mood, maybe?

06 September 2009

the bigger picture

I am always attracted by reflections. Yesterday when I was on
my way home, I saw the reflection of a pole from the ditch which
I found quite interesting to photograph since they are both long
and skinny :p I was struggling for a while and still couldn't get it.
It was just too dark. But, when I stepped back, I found something even nicer!
You are only able to see the bigger picture when
you are willing to step back.

01 September 2009


September! The first day of spring!
Again, I didn't intentionally make it look like a bow, it just came out like that! I guess I have built up my reputation of photographing interesting things that's why they always come to me. I am looking forward to meet the next thing.