24 June 2008


It's getting hot...

The view looked good because I was in the train with air-con.

Can we have the umbrella?

I need some water!!!!

Me, too.

The weather made everything(including the light) nuts.

I like the sun, it gives me a good chance to wear my lovely hat.

I' have nothing to do with the weather...(I was just sweating outside)


Piazza dell'Anfiteatro (Gate)

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

San Michele in Foro

Pretty faces

This kid was my very first volunteer for the pretty faces project. He kept looking at me while I was taking pictures at Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. I looked at him with a smile, and then he started posing, so cute...

20 June 2008


I sent the postcards yesterday. Took so much hassle to get it done.I didn’t want to just send you guys some normal postcards, so I decided to make my own. I took heaps of pictures and set everything up, ready for printing, and here was the problem. Where can I print the postcards? I bought papers and tried to put them secretly into school’s printer. I made it!!!! But the powder didn’t adhere to the paper properly. They kind of came off…-_- The other things was that since I wrote a lot on the postcards, they ran out of space for stamps and so, some of the addresses were covered by stamps…-___-
Anyway I posted them, just wasn’t sure if you can receive them, or if the picture will still be there when you get them. I will send you guys the normal postcards again, in case the previous cards all fail.
I was questioning myself if I made the right decision of doing photomedia instead of design here. I talked to Hanna few days ago, and she told me that they are working on the identity of Prato, which means logo for Prato… -_-I think I made the right decision:p Okay, here are some pictures I took on Tuesday when I went to Siena. Heaps of stalking pictures. I found that it’s quite fun to be a stalker somehow…yea I am getting weird….

It's hard to take photographs.

the man@ the back looked like George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy

16 June 2008

the one to thx

yea, I need to thank my very lovely friend, Professor Sabi Lentil, expert of screenprinting, lend me her DSLR, without her help, I will be wandering around for labs...


'leave me alone'

'On the way of pizza delivery...'

'Now only you and me, Piggy'

'Daddy, you look scary'>_<

'kid, u've got my attention, thanks for the risky pose'
'Chinese characters 俠氣 tattoo means chivalrous'

'Happy cyclist'


Sabi, city faces 'y' n 'D'


Finally, I have the time to sit down and organised the photos that I have taken. They are 2.5Gb at the moment. Can't imagine what the size of Prato folder gonna be when I get back...-_-... In order to display the photos in a proper way, I've decided to group them in different themes.

I find the police here have various uniforms with thrilling accessaries, the nice white leather belts and the cute little white handbags. Here are what I've got after stalking the police all day in Florence ;P

'Ciao.Do you know where can I get your bags?
I really like them, seriously!'

'Uno, due, tre... akimbo!!!'

'wondering' sabi...>_<

'Nice little chat'

'the weather is so warm...'

10 June 2008


Sorry for the late post, people. So many things have happened
and I have no idea where to start with…
so um…just leave me your questions if there are anything specific
you wanna know. I will tell you everything here when I get back
to Melbourne.I have taken heaps of photos since I got off the plan
and take me ages to do the editing.
Anyway, I have been enjoying Prato and Florence (went there
yesterday) so far, including the get lost parts, haha…

let's start with the photos of food:p

Seafood Risotto

Carbonara with spaghetti

um...cant remember the name >_<

Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce

Mille-feuille(Vanilla slice)

Farfalle with salmon

you don't need to be jealous, cos my double chin is getting obvious

06 June 2008

before Prato

the break up dinners, parties, drinks...have been on
and on since Wednesday after the folio submission and
we even had break up brunch this morning.
thanks Sakura, the chef and my lovely housemate,
cooked the entire BIG brunch for us^3^
after that I had a pancake cooking lesson with her...

this is the leftover batter, I tried to make a mini pancake,
but um...it ended up in a funny shape

guess what~ it looked like a squirrel face!!!

when flipped it over...it looked like a shell....

random shot from asian grocery
very vintage and graceful packaging for...

monosodium glutamate(MSG) -_-"