29 December 2008

Christmas Day

I tend to keep away from crowds on Christmas Days. This year I decided to go somewhere random. The rule is get on and get off the train whenever I feel like to, just purely following the feelings... This is what I always want to do and now I did it.

The trip started at Armadale station...

I found this happy cyclist with red shoes when the train passed by somewhere station...

then, I found this twisted bark at Diamond Creek...

after that, I saw these 'repaired' bars on the road at Ivanhoe...

an eaten apple and empty Pepsi on the rail...

finally after going to Hoppers Crossing, I felt like to go home.

{If there is something you want to do, do it now, otherwise it's never going to happen.}

23 December 2008

Nathan Gray

Origami with Nathan Gray

I went to Nathan Gray's workshop at the Narrows last Saturday. He shared his experience and interesting things he met in Brazil, and then we did origami together. We made this massive origami out of 30 sheets of his exhibition poster, which is designed to be used as origami paper. At the end, I was lucky enough to take this origami home when the exhibition ends. yay
Love the idea of reusing the poster and of cousre, the workshop.

Nathan Gray Exhibition Poster

22 December 2008



Yesterday was the last working day of 2008. yay
Since we were workig for celebrities, everyone was stressed out (including the flashes) One of the flashes burnt three times during the function, which never happens before. It's a new record!!! So, I kept the fuses. They all have different looks. Lucky me, found something interesting again.

15 December 2008

a real break

Undiscovered Island

I found this island while I was doing random cooking. It is the last bit of Chinese cabbage. I have seen and eaten so many of them, but I have never found an island before. Isn't it cute?
A piece of A4 sheet and a good spot with natural light give me a mini studio at home.

12 December 2008

night snaps

Camera Modes
[top] manual
[middle] macro
[bottom] auto
I was just having fun with my compact digital camera. Even though it's not a professional camera it still brings me lots of fun. Fault is always more interesting than perfectness.

Warner Bros Pictures
When I saw this reflections on the window, Warner Bros movies opening was the first thing in my mind. If you dont knonw what I am talking about, the link is here

09 December 2008

Hello, Sunrise

Sunrise @ Hume Highway

I saw this beautiful sunrise on the way sending Jane to the airport.
I think the last sunrise I saw was also on the way to airport (from Prato to Rome). Sunrise is always fascinating and ravishing (when assignment is not due on the day)
I saw the reflections of sun light on the windows in the mirror through the window. Does it make sense? One more, the frame of mirror frames the back windows in this frame. I just like the tricks and the mutiple reflections and framings :p

03 December 2008

Black & White V

Ned Kelly

I have been hearing his name all the time, but I had no idea what he did and why he became an icon. I thought he might be someone like Robin Hood, but after googling him, seems not... he just a bandit, right?