09 December 2008

Hello, Sunrise

Sunrise @ Hume Highway

I saw this beautiful sunrise on the way sending Jane to the airport.
I think the last sunrise I saw was also on the way to airport (from Prato to Rome). Sunrise is always fascinating and ravishing (when assignment is not due on the day)
I saw the reflections of sun light on the windows in the mirror through the window. Does it make sense? One more, the frame of mirror frames the back windows in this frame. I just like the tricks and the mutiple reflections and framings :p


suiyu said...

it's beautiful
u remember the sunset we always saw through the windows of the art room in TKP? we always stayed over class time there to do the drawing. when we washed our brushes after having finished, there's always beautiful sunset ,,

miss the time we used to have in art class.

ping said...

I do remember!!!!
I miss those days. I haven't done proper drawings for ages...
Maybe when I get back, we should pick a day for drawing. Draw until sunset and havedrinks after that!!!

suiyu Lau said...

yeah we have to do that!!!
i still got a few assignments but i will get all them done by next tue.
so after then, ill be free for a month til next sem starts.
what're u gonna do for this xmas??

ping said...

hey dear,
I am staying in Melbourne for X'mas this year. This is my first time and might be the last X'mas here (sad...) Anyway, I am going back in mid Janurary. I will see you in Hong Kong