31 August 2008

Need some sleeeeeep...zzzzz

I was worried that I have nothing to post when I was going through the snap shot file for this week, since it was the crazy assignment week. My sleeping time was insanely little. I was so like a panda... Luckily, I found something interesting...not many...but still...

Tuesday:Building E
I was wandering around and taking pictures of trash bins.

Friday: Building E again...
While helping Sakura pinning up the posters, we found this massive cage in front of the elevator. Not sure what's it for...but it's interesting.

Saturday: My bedroom
I found the double relfections on the wardrobe, it looks like wayfinding...

23 August 2008

Contingent & Designed

I have been doing random snap shots recently, haven't done proper set up shots for awhile. Finally, I have the chance to do it. Here are some photos for my studio project. I was working on a food scrap recycling project. Great fun to play with the scraps :) The first picture is the same pok choy from last week, after veggie printing. I've never painted pok choy before, kind of tricky but still fun!

Tuesday (left), Friday (right)
I found a paper spoon and a paper knife on floor, so my instant reaction was to pick them up and left them on the shelf. I have no idea why I did that. Just feel like to... and I went to library again today, and I found the spoon was still there, but the knife was gone(so sad...). The spoon looked like has been tortured, what had happened?

A candid from work. They were watching the groom and bride, the light was so pretty!

16 August 2008

Exhibitions Day

I can’t believe that I went to 4 exhibitions today. After the super nice Yum Cha (I ate a lot, seriously alooooot , after that I felt abit sick), we went straight to Middle Park for the Southern Cross Packaging Exhibition.
The result was released last week and I didn't win >_<. I was quite confident of my Davy Jones box and expected that I might get something, but I didn’t. I was abit upset and diffident last week. I was even questioning myself if I can survive in the industry after graduation. Well, after going to the exhibition, my confidence was back! Of course there were some excellent works. Some of the winning works were definitely worth to win, but some just… Sorry, I couldn’t get the ideas behind through the 4 pages rational or the unpolished mock ups. I am not being cocky or what, but Gene was right, my Davy Jones was the best of the table. I felt big relief after seeing the exhibition, because I am actually not worse than the winners.
After that, we went to the Narrows for a photography exhibition. I love the way they present the Polaroid photos. Each of them was framed in a large format Polaroid film container. Such a clever idea, use what they had.
We met Warren at the gallery and he told me that there is an interesting paper craft exhibition at kick gallery, Northcote. The word ‘paper’ urged me want to go there so bad. So after going to Ian Potter for the contemporary art exhibition, I head off to the kick gallery, which actually I’ve never been to there and had no idea how to get there. I only know there is a train station call ‘ Northcote’, so at least I can go there by train. Surprisingly, I didn’t get lost at all. I was just following my feelings, turned right if I felt like to (just like random walking) and I made it. The exhibition t was called ‘…while you were sleeping’. It’s a nice name. I totally agreed, while normal people were sleeping, we were creating our (fabulous) works. Paper craft wasn’t the main part of the exhibition, there were also some lovely illustrations, paintings, sculptures and hand crafts. They were so dedicated and sweet.
Here was the day of exhibitions….

Okay back to photography, finally I finished up the film which has been in my camera for almost 6 months, and here are some highlights


I think many people know, I have a thing to red.


Guess what they are? They are the chopped off part from pok choy. Pretty food scrap, to be continued...

Good friends

10 August 2008

Printing Museum

Something I did in the printing museum today...

And this was from the previous time...

Btw, I've got a good shot of Michael, the runner of the museum.

08 August 2008

Forms & Shapes

@ Fine Art Building Studio

Sunday (Monash Open Day): I felt a bit odd being in the design building, a place that I almost go everyday. All the people and things were so intimate but different at the same time. Everyone was so smiley and friendly...so surreal. In order to get rid of the strage feeling, I sneaked in the fine art building. There were so many interesting things to see!!! I felt like a real visitor there.

@ Runt Gallery (outside)

@ Runt Gallery (inside)
Tuesday: It was such a nice day! Sakura and I were doing some research at Runt Gallery. We really wanted to just lay down there and doing nothing. Unfortunately, we had to get back to the reality. By the way, I found a letter 'b' in the photo.

@ Home

Wednesday: The acquapedia project was due the day after. I was making the stencile for the cover and found that the cut out 'Q'was really cute! Then, I started playing the stencil with my lamp, got a bit carry out. There are always distractions at home...

02 August 2008