17 April 2012

Let's wait

A sweet move makes waiting a little more pleasant.

Waiting is never wasting.
What makes it wasted?
Your attitude.

being    s  l  o  w    is an attitudde...

07 April 2012

the day – qingming
I'm never quite a festival person because noise and crowds don't
go well with me and, the artificial joyful atmosphere driven by the
consumerism makes me sick...
Festival happiness? Or business happiness?
Can't it just simply be the day?

01 April 2012

another day I don't mind orange...

I don't remember since when or what made me dislike orange (as a color, particularly the synthetic kind), I just know it has been quite a while...But, somehow orange always has its way to reach me! They always stay in my crayon box and last forever; it's the theme color of visual art  in high school; it is the faculty color of Art & Design in uni; it's even the company color of my first job...

Just a little nonsense whining...and I made this orange creature today...something meaningless but fun!