31 December 2012

how many?

Does the outsider always see the most?
Or only the insider feels the truth?

10 December 2012

 open up & make the cut

Meet my recent best friend!
Sleek, simple yet cold...
He only serves one tiny task, but he is good at what he is doing.
Open up, so that you can make the cut, my dear friend!
There is a lot to think about with this toy, isn't it?

16 September 2012

...a new toy...

...very sensitive but tolerant,
...very common but underwhelmed,
... like a polaroid camera but 10 times greater (at least the size is...)
...the fun will go on...

22 August 2012


pies & tubes

why bother adding features to one kind?

time ...  will shape it for you...

...  the true essence ...


08 August 2012

What if...

... people you love keep telling you not to do things that you love to...

We all have wants.
Some people compromise when one's desire clashes with the others.
It sounds fair and seems please everyone.
But, the truth is that no one gets what they truly want ...
Sometimes, you just have to stay stubborn,
otherwise, you'll get nothing like it at all.

...The 'things' that I love to do never complain about the people I love,
so may my loves shut up!

19 July 2012

    hi, Sim!

24 June 2012

I am not fine!

I am always try to stay positive,
or at least not to spread the negative energy around.
But sorry, not this time.
It has been too much rain recently,
and I can't just pretend I am happy to be drowned.
So, let's just leave it sad & helpless once in awhile...

03 June 2012


This is spaceship Φ, welcome on board!

We are flying from the crowd to somewhere 

...   s p a c i o u s   ...

The flight is going to take

   18     light-years
    150     minutes &
   9     seconds.

The weather of the destination is


but breeze is always to be expected.

This is an unexplored territory,

so good luck & enjoy the ...S P A C E...

21 May 2012


We always complain about the rain,
who would ever care why she cries?

07 May 2012

the runaway couples...

People run everyday...
Some run to work;
some run for strength;
some run after their dreams;
and some run away from realities...

Some might start the journey early;
some might have a longer one.
Some change their paths along the way;
some end theirs halfway.

This is not a competition, my dear friends.
So, take your time,
what makes you feel good is the only thing matters.

17 April 2012

Let's wait

A sweet move makes waiting a little more pleasant.

Waiting is never wasting.
What makes it wasted?
Your attitude.

being    s  l  o  w    is an attitudde...

07 April 2012

the day – qingming
I'm never quite a festival person because noise and crowds don't
go well with me and, the artificial joyful atmosphere driven by the
consumerism makes me sick...
Festival happiness? Or business happiness?
Can't it just simply be the day?

01 April 2012

another day I don't mind orange...

I don't remember since when or what made me dislike orange (as a color, particularly the synthetic kind), I just know it has been quite a while...But, somehow orange always has its way to reach me! They always stay in my crayon box and last forever; it's the theme color of visual art  in high school; it is the faculty color of Art & Design in uni; it's even the company color of my first job...

Just a little nonsense whining...and I made this orange creature today...something meaningless but fun!

26 March 2012

I had a little ride to the neighbourhood,
and again, I found something ...
It has been a lovely peacful day, and
living in the countryside is awesome!

19 March 2012

The Rooftop Manifesto

The Curious Object - IV

Challenges are not going to take me,
and wounds are only going to make me shine.
I might not be the finest material,
nor supported by a solid foundation,
but, I am exceptionally stubborn.

11 March 2012

27 February 2012


YES!!! I shoot random stuffs, is that a problem?
Maybe they are random, or maybe, you just
don't see things that I see! Please do observe
and think before you staring at me next time.
Thank you!

09 February 2012

be proud & be a control freak

Control Freaks Rock!
Bad control freaks are intimidating, they attemp to dictate every single thing around them. This is simply because they are lack of confidence on others. While good control freaks command with precise visons, and more importantly, they restraint themselves through the time. And, of course, a good designer is always the good control freak!

30 January 2012


The Curious Object - III
Seeds never know where they are landing, but they always find their own ways to live. Sometimes, you just have to be spontaneous; follow your heart & go with the flow...

21 January 2012

The Other Perspective

The Curious Object - II

I think she has never been cropped like that...as what I know...
The most obvious feature of one kind might be strong enough to signify itself, but it never represnts the whole.

16 January 2012


The end. The end?

I simply like the way it ends, a fluid solid form...
Contradictions, the spices.