28 January 2013



Be proud & be odd!
Odds come when oddness accumulated...

31 December 2012

how many?

Does the outsider always see the most?
Or only the insider feels the truth?

10 December 2012

 open up & make the cut

Meet my recent best friend!
Sleek, simple yet cold...
He only serves one tiny task, but he is good at what he is doing.
Open up, so that you can make the cut, my dear friend!
There is a lot to think about with this toy, isn't it?

16 September 2012

...a new toy...

...very sensitive but tolerant,
...very common but underwhelmed,
... like a polaroid camera but 10 times greater (at least the size is...)
...the fun will go on...

22 August 2012


pies & tubes

why bother adding features to one kind?

time ...  will shape it for you...

...  the true essence ...


08 August 2012

What if...

... people you love keep telling you not to do things that you love to...

We all have wants.
Some people compromise when one's desire clashes with the others.
It sounds fair and seems please everyone.
But, the truth is that no one gets what they truly want ...
Sometimes, you just have to stay stubborn,
otherwise, you'll get nothing like it at all.

...The 'things' that I love to do never complain about the people I love,
so may my loves shut up!

19 July 2012

    hi, Sim!