26 July 2008

It's over.

Finally, I can get rid of the Southern X Packaging thing. It was really one of the most interesting and challenging project I have ever done. The deisgn part has pretty much done before I left. After staying in Italy for a month, I came back with a refreshed mind. When I looked at it again, I found out some small areas need to be refined. Besides, there was something called 'rational' need to deal with. And, I only had 10 days.

It's only the begining of semester, some people are still in Europe, and I've already worked so hard like end of semester. I even didn't have a proper break. Tension and tiredness and the printer@ uni made me not only half dead, probably 3 quarters dead this time...

Anyway, it's over.

BIG RELIEF right now...

This snap shot was taken on the way to submit the Southern Cross Packaging. I found the yellow scarf and the green sweater on this old man matched with the colours around him so well.
And he was reading under such nice weather, which was what I really wanna do at that moment. So here we go, another stalking picture.

20 July 2008

Human Anatomy

La Specola

Imagine these models are made in the 18th Century, the details and accuracy are just incredible... Well, the only thing annoyed me was the light reflections. They were everywhere. It's really hard to get a good shot. But, after awhile, I found that they were interesting to play with. I tried to 'put' the reflections on the locations I wanted to, and I got the last two shots.
Anatomy Muesum@ Bologna University

The lighting in the anatomy museum of Bologna University was slightly better, but it was pretty dark there. So um... I've got lots of blurry shots. I don't mind to post them this time, coe this is not about the skill of photography anymore. It's all about the human anatomy 300 years ago.


The anatomy students joined us in third week of Prato program. So we had 2 excursions to the anatomy museums. Here are some pictures from the Museum of Zoology and Natural History, La Specola, Florence. La Specola means observatory, a reference to the astronomical observatory founded there in 1790. Parts of the collection trace back to the Medici Family. It is known for its collection of wax anatomical models from the 18th century.

La Specola

very bad lightings there... but the specimens themselves were amazing.

11 July 2008



The Leaning Tower of Pisa
'Sorry, Pisa Tower.You are great even if you were not leaning, but you are just not as interesting as the tourists.'


'Mum, have you done?'

'This is the perfect standard pose, trying hard and smiling.'

' What about me? Do I look like dancing?'

'Yay, I am have the perfect pose, too. 10 points!!'

'Hi, everyone. I am with the Leanig Tower now.'

'I Love (posing with) the Leaning Tower.'

'This is a group thing and a tourist thing.'

'Yea, you right! We are just being tourists.'

' Just do it. Don't ask.'


'Ciao Pigeons, May I join you?'

'No Way! Leave me alone, Bambino.'

Cycling priest