11 July 2008



The Leaning Tower of Pisa
'Sorry, Pisa Tower.You are great even if you were not leaning, but you are just not as interesting as the tourists.'


'Mum, have you done?'

'This is the perfect standard pose, trying hard and smiling.'

' What about me? Do I look like dancing?'

'Yay, I am have the perfect pose, too. 10 points!!'

'Hi, everyone. I am with the Leanig Tower now.'

'I Love (posing with) the Leaning Tower.'

'This is a group thing and a tourist thing.'

'Yea, you right! We are just being tourists.'

' Just do it. Don't ask.'


'Ciao Pigeons, May I join you?'

'No Way! Leave me alone, Bambino.'

Cycling priest

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