25 April 2010

Pantone 186

A quick trip to Melbourne last week made me realised that memories maybe are hard to lose completly, but they can fade out in a short period of time. I barely remember how does nice coffee taste; how does driving feel with sky window wide opened; how enjoyable it is to do paper crafts; how good it is to have friends around. Time is powerful, so does the commercial world.

I really like my work place and all the lovely workmates. However,
I realised that I will be pathetic if I just let myself fall into this commercial world and do nothing. I need to find my way out, do something without thinking, no business involved, and turely just
for me!

I always have a thing to red; not necessarily wearing red but using red and collecting red objects. This is a snap of the station which
I get off to work every morning. I guess this is a good reminder of going to the commercial world and not forgetting who I am ;)