28 December 2011

Printing Emptiness

'印' means printing, while '白' means white, space or emptiness.
I simply like the contradictory between the combination of the characters. Can you print space? Space can't be created nor destroyed, but it can be defined... And that is something I need to nail it!

I always wanted to check out the letterpress shops at Sheung Wan, but I was too chicken to do that alone... One day, I came across an article about letterpress printing in Hong Kong, and find out one of the shop is now running workshops for the public!!!! So, these are what I did on boxing day ...

28 November 2011

The Curious Object - I
Something ordinary but strange,
something familiar but different...
It added some extra spices to my peaceful Sunday morning!

15 November 2011

It's time...
I have been real bad on managing this blog, it's time to get this blog rolling again. People, every second counts, don't let it slip away...

03 April 2011


Bali is beautiful.

It would have been more beautiful,

if we get to see it slowly...

Life can be short if you rush it.

Just take it easy!

13 March 2011

It's spring time in Hong Kong!
I guess it's a good timing to get the blog rolling again ;p