28 December 2011

Printing Emptiness

'印' means printing, while '白' means white, space or emptiness.
I simply like the contradictory between the combination of the characters. Can you print space? Space can't be created nor destroyed, but it can be defined... And that is something I need to nail it!

I always wanted to check out the letterpress shops at Sheung Wan, but I was too chicken to do that alone... One day, I came across an article about letterpress printing in Hong Kong, and find out one of the shop is now running workshops for the public!!!! So, these are what I did on boxing day ...


Suiyu said...

' Space can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be defined.'
Very inspiring! :))

Have to say it again, I like the first pic among all. :DD muji muji no print no print. hahah

ping said...

Fishy, I think I am quite good at making up lines sometimes...& the idea of printing space is different from no print, altough it sounds like it literally ;p