26 August 2009

Framing is something tricky. It drags all your attention to anything that is within the frame, and it blocks anything that is outside the frame. But the trickiest thing is that it makes you believe what you see in the frame is everything. Photoraph is a good tricker. It seems to reflect reality, but in fact, it reflects the selected reality.

19 August 2009

16 August 2009

Exhibition & exhibition

wynn's switches

I found these cool switches at one of our potential honours exhibition sites on Alma Road (so close to my place).

sneak peek

This week is all about exhibitions. I finally installed of my work for eight ways of being here exhibition. I realized how tiny my works are comparing to other artists' works in the massive exhibition space. hmm...maybe my works won't catch your attention from distance, but they will make you slow down and hopefully smile when you see them closely. I will put up the close up shots on Wednesday, so for my friends who are not in Melbourne can also see the works on the opening day. For those who are in Melbourne, please drop by and say hello on Wednesday. :)

Eight ways of being here

19 Aug - 2 Sep 2009

open daily 10am - 5pm
opening 19 Aug 6pm

Museum of Chinese Australian History
22 Cohen Place
Melbourne VIC 3000

03 9662 2888

09 August 2009


This was taken weeks ago, but somehow I didn't transfer the photos until today when the memory card is full. I have a film camera and I only use it when there is something really worth to be photographed, so it normally takes months or even half year to finish the film. The finished film will be left until someday I realize I haven't got it processed which will be another month later. At the end, I will see photos that I've taken but I don't really remember I took them. I guess it is the beauty of film camera—waiting...
Film is my time capsule.

02 August 2009

Taiwan [05]

Tree also likes typo.

Way to go...
Graphic desingers care about type and some trees also do. I wonder how long does it take to make an '8'. It's August already! I recently got a lovely book from a friend which is about roads. I like to photograph things on the ground, too.