10 June 2008


Sorry for the late post, people. So many things have happened
and I have no idea where to start with…
so um…just leave me your questions if there are anything specific
you wanna know. I will tell you everything here when I get back
to Melbourne.I have taken heaps of photos since I got off the plan
and take me ages to do the editing.
Anyway, I have been enjoying Prato and Florence (went there
yesterday) so far, including the get lost parts, haha…

let's start with the photos of food:p

Seafood Risotto

Carbonara with spaghetti

um...cant remember the name >_<

Tagliatelle with mushroom sauce

Mille-feuille(Vanilla slice)

Farfalle with salmon

you don't need to be jealous, cos my double chin is getting obvious

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