20 June 2008


I sent the postcards yesterday. Took so much hassle to get it done.I didn’t want to just send you guys some normal postcards, so I decided to make my own. I took heaps of pictures and set everything up, ready for printing, and here was the problem. Where can I print the postcards? I bought papers and tried to put them secretly into school’s printer. I made it!!!! But the powder didn’t adhere to the paper properly. They kind of came off…-_- The other things was that since I wrote a lot on the postcards, they ran out of space for stamps and so, some of the addresses were covered by stamps…-___-
Anyway I posted them, just wasn’t sure if you can receive them, or if the picture will still be there when you get them. I will send you guys the normal postcards again, in case the previous cards all fail.
I was questioning myself if I made the right decision of doing photomedia instead of design here. I talked to Hanna few days ago, and she told me that they are working on the identity of Prato, which means logo for Prato… -_-I think I made the right decision:p Okay, here are some pictures I took on Tuesday when I went to Siena. Heaps of stalking pictures. I found that it’s quite fun to be a stalker somehow…yea I am getting weird….

It's hard to take photographs.

the man@ the back looked like George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy

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