28 April 2009


the feet

Sorry, I have been slack. I was being toured by the essay last week, my brain was fully occupied by miniature & gigantic, even now, they still stuck in my head. So, I didn't do much paper work apart from drafting essay on papers. I went to Chinese Museum on the weekend, where I had never been to before. It was actually better than what I expacted. I was assuming there would be big vases, some chinese painting, some Chines penmanships or other kitsches. In fact, there are mainly commodities from the old days, old photos, publications, shoes, toys, something little but meaningful, something intimate...
I have no intension to make this shot look creepy. I just found the reflections of my feet look interesting there. It was the lighting problem, the dolls looked fine, they are very delicate, especially the embroidery.

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