08 January 2010

case closed

I finally got the boxes done...yay! I was working on this gift box packaging for Chinese New Year and there were issues of people, communications, box structures...which made me alter or actually redo the boxes again and again. It did drive me crazy a little bit especially when they killed my lovely 'tiger' box. Well, that is not uni assignment anymore, it is reality. Hopefully the boxes can go straight to printer and print out finely. No more changes please!

Back to the photo here, I was back to my home town, Fujian, to visit my grandmother and attend a wedding few weeks ago. When I was shooting the house, like a happy tourist, my aunt showed me this beautiful wardrobe from my great grandmother.


envelop~e said...

Hey Ping!

i want to see this box!
put up a picture x

ping said...

Hey cina~
I didn't get to take photos of the boxes myself, seems like they were sold quite well. Here is the photo taken by my cousin...(on facebook)