22 August 2010

Burnout I

Burnout II

We sneaked in an abandoned TV production factory couple weeks ago. The little adventure was actually quite fun. Lots of random objects that I like...

I start feeling the "helplessness" of designers in Hong Kong, or maybe it is a global thing... Everytime when I look at real nice designs from zines & websites, I ask myself "why can't I do something like that?" Sometimes I just feel my little design pride is burnning out slowly...I am getting commercialised and becoming a design machine. That is what I really hate to be...

I really need to do something else to balance out...something doesn't involve computer definitly!

1 comment:

PMS said...

totally understand ur thoughts. i m exactly the same wiv u when i first begin my job. life is always struggling but remember not to lose urself darling!
u're a special gal wiv real talent : )
i m salina btw