24 October 2009

The Paper Journey

The overall look

Paper Play

Well, here they are, my paper things at Curiouser&curiouser!
Left to right: Paper Play, Black Christmas Trees and It's a wrap.

I spent almost a year mucking around with paper, and I had so much fun with it. I think it would be nice to share the fun, so I summerise what I have learnt and designed this Paper Play game. The green cards, make it, are paper handicraft tasks and the yellow cards, learn it, are some interesting facts or stories about paper. The little white animals are the tokens for the game. The photos next to the game is how the game board looks like when it is folded up. (yes, no extra packaging or container, the game board itself is the container!) I am not going to explain how the game works here unless you really want to know. It is abit hard to get it without playing. ;p

For the little paper things on the Trees, they are more challenging to make, so I didn't include them in the game, but I guess they deserve to be shown. They would look nicer to be shot individually, so photos will be up when these little friends go home.

Last, but not the least. It's a wrap (see close up) is also displayed. I made this as a concludsion of what I have done in semester 1. I still feel so glad that I didn't take it to laser cut machine and got it done by my hands. I think that is what make it more meaningful to me and to my poject. Hope you like them!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your exhibition Ping! I wish I could have been there to see it. It must be a big relief to be finished. What's the plan now? :)

ping said...

Thank you Ade! I wish you could have been here also. It is kind of relief but not so much actually, because we still have quite alot of things going on after the show,e.g. presentation, business plan and exegesis(the documentation of our project)
Still long way to go...
How have you been?