31 October 2009

Exhibition Catalogue

Curiouser & Curiouser poster

catalogue package - front

catalogue package - back

catalogue package - box

Finally, the show ended this Thursday, and so did the fabulous business plan. I spent whole friday afternoon photographing all my paper friends, the process was super tiring but so exciting at the same time. Then, it's up to the editing part which will need a while to get them all done, so I am going to put photos up along my long and sad editing process ( I think I have over 100 photos on the waiting list...)

Well, first up is the Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition catalogue. The identiy,the lovely big line ball, is done by kristy, and I did the poster and the packaging for the catalogue. The poster is folded up to carry our project posters which make up the exhibition catalogue. Unfold the sides of the package and push them towards each other, it will become a box!

I think because of my willfulness, I made everyone do quite abit of folding ;p

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