28 July 2009

Taiwan [04]

steam, dumplings, heat & crowd

The number of people waiting ouside is probably more than the number of dumplings inside.
I hate the English word dumpling. It is applied to every single dish with dough skin on the menu of Chinese restaurant. It can be wonton, gyoza, tangyuan, xiaolongbao.... For people can't read Chinese, I guess they never know what they have ordered until they eat it. Why can't it be more specific?
Well, the dumpling from the photo is a kind of steam dumpling with soup inside, called xiaolongbao. Mind the hot soup spurting out when having GOOD xiaolongbao.

26 July 2009

Taiwan [03]

17 Yong Kong St.

Is beauty always from beautiful things? And ugliness is always from ugly things? Keep your mind opened, people.

21 July 2009

Taiwan [02]

It's not what you think it is.

It's not raining.
It's absolutely dry and hot out there.
It's a layer of melted transparency on the car window.
It's something I hated so much in the morning.
However, it's the one brought me alot of fun at the end of the day.

It's a simple neutral thing that causes contradictory.

13 July 2009

Taiwan [01]

don't think, just eat it

I (finally) went to Taiwan...
Taiwan is as crowded as Hong Kong, but the people there are way more friendly :p Thanks for my lovely friends, my stomach was filled up everyday.