19 November 2009

100th Post

Exegesis cover

Exegesis cover foldout

Hurray~I am finally up to the 100th post! And hurray again becuase the exegesis is also done and dusted. A publication of 150 pages with 7000 words and over 100 images, from writing, photography, editing, design, printing, finishing were all done within 10 days... Apart from exploring the potential of paper this year, I think I also explored my last-minute potential. Dear my futher employers, I work well under pressure...
There are 2 copies of the book, one is being assessed and one is at Art & Design Graduand Showw 2009. Yes! I am having exhibition again. It is the third exhibition I have this year, I am abit overwhelmed honestly. But, I am always interested in seeing other people's work, should be fun ;)

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Jimmy Tseng said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! Have you had more than 100 people visit your blog yet? :P