20 October 2008

Don't Be Pathetic

Finally, I handed in my essay. It has been torturing me for a week.
This was not fun, seriously. After that, don't know why I felt sooooooo relax... even though I haven't done anything for the folio yet. Gosh......

Anyway, I can now fully work on my folio.

Light Reflection Practice no. 2
Since the weather was so nice today, I went out for a walk and practice my 'light reflection skill'. Well, these photos have nothing to do with the 'artificial' refletion tho... they're just something I found interesting while the reflection practice. Something abstract... The theme fits with one of the exhibition books I made Light & Shadow, but um... I got them done already, too late. Yea, the exhibition books have been done weeks ago, and I am quite happy with them. But I won't post the pictures for the finished books until the exhibition begins :p Wanna keep this suprise, so please check out our exhibition, details will be posted soon.



ping no.3

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