08 August 2008

Forms & Shapes

@ Fine Art Building Studio

Sunday (Monash Open Day): I felt a bit odd being in the design building, a place that I almost go everyday. All the people and things were so intimate but different at the same time. Everyone was so smiley and friendly...so surreal. In order to get rid of the strage feeling, I sneaked in the fine art building. There were so many interesting things to see!!! I felt like a real visitor there.

@ Runt Gallery (outside)

@ Runt Gallery (inside)
Tuesday: It was such a nice day! Sakura and I were doing some research at Runt Gallery. We really wanted to just lay down there and doing nothing. Unfortunately, we had to get back to the reality. By the way, I found a letter 'b' in the photo.

@ Home

Wednesday: The acquapedia project was due the day after. I was making the stencile for the cover and found that the cut out 'Q'was really cute! Then, I started playing the stencil with my lamp, got a bit carry out. There are always distractions at home...

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