23 August 2008

Contingent & Designed

I have been doing random snap shots recently, haven't done proper set up shots for awhile. Finally, I have the chance to do it. Here are some photos for my studio project. I was working on a food scrap recycling project. Great fun to play with the scraps :) The first picture is the same pok choy from last week, after veggie printing. I've never painted pok choy before, kind of tricky but still fun!

Tuesday (left), Friday (right)
I found a paper spoon and a paper knife on floor, so my instant reaction was to pick them up and left them on the shelf. I have no idea why I did that. Just feel like to... and I went to library again today, and I found the spoon was still there, but the knife was gone(so sad...). The spoon looked like has been tortured, what had happened?

A candid from work. They were watching the groom and bride, the light was so pretty!

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