30 June 2009

a rainy HK

a serene day...

I always like rainy days, especially rainy days in Hong Kong. It always washes off the heat, the dirt and the noise.

18 June 2009

It's a wrap.

I came out with this to summarise what I have learnt and done in semester 1. It is not only a wrap that literally wrap up the paper works I have made, it also represents my happy paper journey. I have been copying other great designers or artists' works, learning and studying their amazing creations, and finally, I am able to use what I have learnt and make it to my own. The wrap is folded with one big square sheet (540x540mm), and all the patterns are cut by hands. It contains 2 pop-up cases which hold documentary photographs of the paper works.
Sometimes I really amaze my last-minute potential (even though this is not something good to be proud of...) From designing, photographing, retouching, printing, cutting to putting everything together, I really pulled the whole thing off in 3 days with very limited sleep, of course. Because it is so last-minute that I didn't get to photograph the interior, I will put it up once I have it back.
So, it's a wrap.

13 June 2009

meteor shower

I guess this is a little treat for my pathetic essay writing week,
I finally got to touch my camera and did some happy random snaps.
Honours is fun, casual and very independent, but it also makes you feel lost and stressed very easily. 2 more days to go, and I only have 1 day left to get the whole thing done...wish me luck

05 June 2009


My eyes tend to look at things I don't like first...
and I found a book with a stylish cover called the Art of Quilling while the book hunting for essay. Arh!! The paper quilling looks so nice, but I can't spend too much time on it at this stage.
I am still being tortured by essay...